Is Concrete Resurfacing Necessary Before Acid Staining Concrete?

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Chemical stains (acid stains) are water acidic solutions of metallic salts interact with the lime from the concrete. After the chemical reaction is fully gone, the stains (that happen to be actually metallic oxides) become integral part of the concrete and gives it a beautiful mottled colored surface. The critical component of coloring concrete surfaces by having an acid stain or chemical stain is the reaction between the stain and lime in the concrete. -stained_concrete-


In many remodeling projects a lot of people want to rip up their carpets, tile and linoleum and think they can acid stain the prevailing concrete substrate and achieve a beautiful surface. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Concrete resurfacing using a self leveling concrete or micro topping becomes necessary in the following cases.


1. Usually under the carpet, tack strips are widely-used to hold down it down so when these tack strips are pulled up after removing the carpet, they create holes in the